The Place Tainan, a Modern, Minimalist hotel for you

The Place Tainan 台南老爺行旅. During my recent visit to Tainan, I had put up at this hotel. On entering the lobby, it look very much like any other decent hotel. Clean, modern and filled with polite staff rushing to help you settle in.

After a night there, I think the hotel offers more than that! The Dutch designer has taken a minimalist approach and there’s nothing in the hotel that is “extra”. The layout of the room is well thought out and thus space saving. There are many universal electrical outlets, next to the bed, on the desk and beside the reading chair. The climate control panel is large and right next to the room card slot the moment you enter the room. The coat hanger is also there right beside the door, waiting for your coat.

It does help that the room is themed in black and white, giving a sense of cleanliness and functionality.


Continuing the minimalist look, many things are hidden behind doors or cabinets. For example the toiletries,  the kettle and tea cups, the mini refrigerator, even the toilet.

The hotel manager also took us to the largest suite in the hotel. It is huge and perfect for 2 although it would comfortably fit 4. Check out the video.

This trip to Tainan was hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce of Taiwan and I’m glad they have made every effort to show us the many different sides of Taiwan, especially Kaohsiung and Tainan.


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