Sugar & Spice 糖村: Taiwan’s Candy Pride

Why Sugar & Spice is Taiwan’s No.1 Gift of Choice


Located on Dunhua S. Road in Taipei City, Sugar & Spice’s décor is minimalistic and bright. More than half of the customers in store are tourists, speaking a diverse array of languages while holding exquisitely packaged gift boxes. To the unsuspecting eye, this may appear to be an international boutique. In fact, this is a rapidly rising boutique star in Taiwan’s snack world. Not only is Sugar & Spice the top wedding candy and full month cake choice for domestic and international celebrities, their products are must-buy gifts for tourists.

Business Weekly referred to Sugar & Spice as a store which “sells desserts like LV”, the business has grown at a steady rate of 15-20% annually, producing approximately 1/3 of nougats sold in Taiwan each year. The French nougat was voted as one of the Top 10 hardest snacks to put down by China’s Little Red Book on WeChat, alongside Godiva chocolates and Shiroi Koibito cookies of Hokkaido, Japan, the only Taiwanese snack included in the ranking. The soul of the brand consists of the product line itself, manufactured only with the highest grade ingredients, through a stringent production process. The most popular product, nougat, for example, includes high quality US almonds selected by hand, President brand butter, trehalose from Japan and fresh egg whites beaten that day. On average, the cost of each nougat is three times that of other brands. In addition to this, the production process is meticulous. Different nougat recipes are even utilised with the change of seasons. During summertime, trehalose volume is increased, despite its six-fold cost, and baking temperature is adjusted to give a more refreshing taste while preserving the perfect chewy but not sticky taste.


Another star product, the pineapple pastry, selects only the highest quality local pineapples. Different varieties of pineapple are selected during each season, mixed in specific proportions according to characteristics of pineapples produced in different regions throughout central and southern Taiwan. The pulp of the fruit is preserved, ensuring each bite is filled with an authentic tangy flavor, providing the best quality and taste possible. Innovations such as the addition of Parmesan cheese into the pastry crust for a chewy experience wildly popular with tourists from Japan.

In addition to bestsellers such as nougats and pineapple pastries, Sugar & Spice offers a variety of desserts ranging from Taiwanese snacks to French delicacies. Not only do products come in exquisite gift boxes, trendy and dainty gift boxes are also available for international travellers to select and combine products for individual gift needs. Sugar & Spice products were even selected for the 2016 Golden Horse Awards as the perfect gift for international celebrities attending the festivities.

As Sugar & Spice locations are only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China, Sugar & Spice is now working with China Airlines to launch the Good Day event. The event will allow more travellers to experience the draw of Taiwan’s must-buy gifts.  From 25 September 2016, travellers who check in at China Airline counters located in Hong Kong International Airport and Incheon International Airport will be able to try Sugar & Spice’s French nougat!

All photos used in this article are provided by Sugar & Spice.

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