Singapore third series coins are magnetic

So my son was having some fun with his magnets one day, when he accidentally discovered that Singapore’s third series of coins are magnetic. That got my attention and I decided to do some digging. Turns out, the 1 dollar coin has a steel core.

SG coin material


I asked my son to try the other new coins and it turns out that they are all magnetic. This is probably because of a steel core present in the new series coins. MAS source and link

The new series coins are minted on multi-ply plated steel comprising a steel core electroplated with three layers of metals – nickel over copper over nickel for silver-coloured coins; brass over copper over nickel for gold-coloured coins. The new series coins are generally lighter in weight and produce a lower pitch tone when struck against hard objects.

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  1. Dhanani Singh says:

    my chowachy too

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