Eating, a national passion of Singapore!

Eating, a national passion of Singapore!

Welcome to the first post! Like I said, this would mostly be a photoblog. Besides, food blogs are a dime a dozen. So why am I starting my blog off with a food post? Well, I’m not going to compete with those famous food bloggers. On top of that, food to me is a very personal thing. What you like may not be what I like and vice versa. So don’t trust me if I say it’s good. Go try it and decide for yourself.

Anyway, back to the post. In my opinion, food stalls take time to mature, because like a skill, it takes years of honing to cook something to perfection. So, I was kinda surprised that a new stall in a new estate could come out with something that is way above normal foodcourt fare. To say that the noodles are outstanding might be a stretch, but I usually conserve my calories and will not hesitate to stop eating if I don’t like it. This bowl of noodles I not only finished, I even drank a large portion of the soup! For me, it was the soup that won it. It had that prawn taste and smell that I remembered from the prawn mee of my childhood.

The stall named Penang Kia and is run by a young couple. Based on what I’ve read from other blogs (I did some research before writing), they were ex SIA cabin crew turned hawkers. Of course they did not start from scratch and actually learnt the ropes from the lady’s father who runs a hawker stall in Penang. I guess that’s what inspired the name Penang Kia. So if you are in Sengkang and hanker for a bowl of prawn noodles, head on down to Blk 205D Compassvale Lane, Singapore 544205.

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